MS ACCESS activity…(FINAL na!)

The activity gave me a little sweat…

It was a long, step-by-step process…that if I don’t match the final result, I had to click many times the “back” button to go what process I made wrong.Of course, I was not familiar with MS ACCESS that time.Also, the steps for the activity are on the internet.

Actually, the activity was still so long but we only took the 2 projects named “my friends and CD Inventory”.I also don’t know how long that activity and how many projects there were, so I ask my classmates and told me to stop at the CD Inventory….then I followed the majority.

Well, the difficulty I’ve gone through was still my fault, the activity was given to us months ago, and we have the freedom to make the activity ahead of…the fault is mine for being lazy..hehehehehe…!!!

Lastly,the truth is, I actually don’t know the activity when I read our lists of activities saying “access activity save in drive I”…I thought we have some activity in the lab that our teacher prepared for us.

<thanks ma’am for another fun activity>

COooooooooLd!! Lab Activity(MS Acess 2007)

(preliminary report)

For the first time, all of my activities are done at home except this one.Of course, to make use of our money that we paid for the computer lab., we are required to do some of our activity at the lab.

"Ang feeling nga ga struggle ka kai dle ma match sa finish document imu gi-himo, tapos gakurog na imu whole body nga ang kamot kai tuskig na kaayo, lisud na kaayo ituplok sa keyboard!"< I was really not meant to be born in cold places…unsa na kaha kung ng snow na…mura na cguro kog isda sa freezer!!>

Going back to our activity, it was fun and at the same I learn something new that I have not encountered before…

Thank to all who help me…I was really clueless about this one…


<my thoughts knina>

"I’m afraid to take the quiz….blahhh3x.."

<my thoughts now>

"oh!no!I feel horrible:( (surprised, shocked and barely can’t breathed w/ the score ang show ng lola n’yo!)"…i asked myself…is it for real???"huhuhuhu….

(a bad memory before Christmas)???

no!!!let us be positive friends..God never gives problems to His children..

<optimism sometimes is just a choice to pretend that everything is fine>

sorry..nag-change ang mood ng lola..hehehe…still..Fighting!!!

&#8230;just wanted to shout that I&#8217;m proud of my first ever promotional comic strip..

&lt;made from,(YY mart is our proposed business plan)&gt;

…just wanted to shout that I’m proud of my first ever promotional comic strip..

<made from,(YY mart is our proposed business plan)>

Finally!..but wait?

Finally…tapos na mg pass sa aking comics…hehehe…hope na A+ ‘yon…just hoping..for the sleepless one night that I spent and also w/ the contribution of my sis in planning the storyboard…I wish maganda ang result…

But wait, there is still one more day before the Christmas break!!Ajah and May God Guide me and my classmates as well, for our first Math econ(my major) quiz…


-So proud&#8230;my first own-made comic strip:&gt;
This is the cover page

-So proud…my first own-made comic strip:>

This is the cover page

My encounter of toondoo!

Making comics is really hard!!Oh my God!!

I really thought that it’s just simple clicks and instantly you have your own comics already.But no, it’s not easy!

I spend a lot of time creating it, with all editing then saving (that is too slow) and redoing again..ohh!well..I’m still thankful that I finally made it…for this moment, I just need to edit it a little, then print it and pass it this monday…

Meanwhile, I still feel great that I have learned something new…and I am proud that the project that I will give to our teacher is something that I really worked hard for.

Advance Merry Christmas to my Econ family/friends/classmates…and to all faculty and staff of MSU-IIT!!!-hehehe:)


[ BIGBANG &amp; #BB5forlife ]

VIP forever!!!!!yeah!!!!hahahahaha:)


[ BIGBANG & #BB5forlife ]

VIP forever!!!!!yeah!!!!hahahahaha:)

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Why so serious?

That&#8217;s what G-D have said in his song!!
yeah right?why so serious??

Why so serious?

That’s what G-D have said in his song!!

yeah right?why so serious??

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[HD MAMA] BIGBANG (7 pics)

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Congratulations Bigbang!!!fighting2:)

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